Click here to watch the new Shotgun Red Breading Mix TV commercial.
Shotgun Red's Breading Mix is great on all fresh fish: catfish, crappie, sunfish, bass, perch, walleye, northern, and trout.  

Boat won't start? Head to the store and get some tilapia, flounder, or even shrimp. Then, add Shotgun Red's Catfish & Crappie Breading Mix. 
Folks are sending us emails saying this breading is also great on chicken, pork chops, wild game, and even on fried green tomatoes.! 

We offer a 100% guarantee!  
We will ship you a 5-box package for $14.95, plus shipping and handling.
Try just one box. If you don't think it is the best breading mix you have ever tasted on fish and meats, send the other four boxes back, and we will give you a full refund!  
Remember this! The box you will be holding in your hand, the bag inside that box, the mix inside the bag were all made in the USA!

 Wishing you great times around your dinner table!
Steve Hall and Shotgun Red

COMING SOON: Watch our instructional video on how to use our breading mix.
:You can also buy Shotgun Red's Catfish & Cappie Breading Mix by downloading a pdf printable order form (click on link) that you can mail back with a check or moeny order, or you can just send a check or money order for $14.95, plus $7.95 shipping and handing to: Shotgun Red Company, P.O. Box 148370, Nashville, TN 37214. Make check payable to Shotgun Red Company.
Click here to watch the new Shotgun Red Breading Mix TV commercial.